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Croft circuit is the perfect place to test your race car or bike. The variety of high and low speed corners combined with two straights allows teams and drivers to fettle the machinery, give them the edge of the competition.

The challenges of driving Croft also make it a great place for track days.

General and pre-race test days are open to MSA and ACU Race licence holders only. To book, please call the circuit office on 01325 721815.

Car Track Days - 2018 - Confirmed so far

There's nothing quite like driving your own car on an International Racing Circuit. Getting to grips with the tough technical corners, putting your foot down and getting the most out of your car . . . legally!

Javelin – 01469 425040 –

Please contact Javelin direct on the above number to book.


Monday 12th March

Friday 30th March

Friday 13th April

Wednesday 18th April

Saturday 12th May

Sunday 13th May - Sprint

Thursday 24th May

Wednesday 13th June

Wednesday 4th July

Wednesday 25th July

Saturday 11th August

Sunday 12th August

Tuesday 21st August

Saturday 1st September

Sunday 2nd September

Monday 17th September

Wednesday 10th October

Saturday 20th October

Saturday 3rd November


Sunday 4th November

Bike Track Days - 2018

There's nothing like riding your own bike on an International Racing Circuit.

Companies who provide track days at Croft:

No Limits - 01525 877087 -

Please contact No Limits direct on the above number to book.


Thursday 26th April

Friday 27th April

Thursday 17th May

Friday 18th May

Thursday 28th June

Friday 29th June

Thursday 26th July

Friday 27th July

Thursday 16th August

Friday 17th August

Thursday 13th September

Friday 14th September


Please contact direct to book

Dates available - 2018

Tuesday 22nd May (Intensive)

Wednesday 23rd May

Thursday 5th July

Tuesday 14th August

Tuesday 4th September

Institute Of Advance Motorists (IAM) Days run by IAM are sessioned days with structured learning intended to develop riders/drivers technique aimed at improving road riding/driving. A code of conduct operates. The day is NOT intended for riders/drivers whose primary aim is outright speed.


Croft's pre-race/open test days offer you the chance to test on the legendary circuit. Whether you want additional track time prior to your race meeting or need to test a new car or bike. Exclusive Testing can also be arranged for race teams.

Pre-race/open testing is for race prepared vehicles only and the driver must hold a current MSA or ACU Competition licence. Drivers or riders must wear clothing and helmets complying with MSA or ACU Regulations.

Test days will normally operate in sessions.


Car Test Days

Friday 20 April 2018
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Friday 3 August 2018
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Thursday 6 September 2018
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Friday 7 September 2018
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Thursday 6 & Friday 7 September 2018
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Bike Test Days

Friday 6 April 2018
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All vehicles must comply with MSA or ACU noise regulations

All vehicles must be noise checked prior to going on the circuit

We reserve the right to noise check any vehicle at any time

Any vehicle failing the test will not be allowed back on to the circuit until it complies

No refunds will be given


Additional points

Drivers must hold a current MSA or ACU Race Licence and wear clothing and helmet complying with MSA or ACU Regulations. Each vehicle will be noise tested before being allowed on the circuit and must comply with the current MSA Noise regulations The circuit operates from 9.30am to 5.00pm with a one hour Lunch-break.

The day will normally operate in sessions, depending on the number and type of vehicles attending.

Timetables will be available at signing-on.

Unless stated otherwise the chequered flag will be shown within the session time. A booking with full payment must be made in advance -- do not just turn up on the day.

In the event of the test being cancelled by the circuit a full refund will be given.

Notice of cancellation must be seven working days in advance otherwise no refunds will be given.

All refunds are subject to a £25.00 administration fee.

The Circuit management reserve the right to alter this information or to cancel the day without notice and accept no responsibility for any loss or inconvenience howsoever caused.