IAM Skills Day at Croft

18 Apr 16

What are IAM Skills Days?

They are an additional place to learn skills that you can put into practice whilst driving your car or riding your motorcycle on the road.

Why use circuits?

They offer a controlled environment without the hazards faced on our roads, which enables the participant to concentrate on the skills being taught. What car or bike do I ride? You drive or ride your car/motorcycle as the content of the days enables you to improve your personal standards and to become aware of the handling of your car/motorcycle.

Who is it for?

The days are for all who want to improve their personal skills whilst also having some fun.

We will concentrate on what you should be looking at: Vanishing points, entry, apex and exit points, how they vary from road to circuit, why and how we use them, where we should position for view, progress and safety together with braking.

Where to brake, when and how much to brake, how it feels in an emergency and finishing on accelerator (throttle) application to set the balance of the car (bike) for controlled smooth cornering.

Gear selection, how to decide which is the most appropriate gear for the circumstances and control.

How to use the accelerator/throttle to add stability to the car/bike when entering corners, blipping or constant accelerator techniques when changing down gears.

The day is NOT intended for riders/drivers whose primary aim is outright speed.

To book call 0300 303 1134